Custom Engineering

Our Solution Specialists and Engineers work closely with each customer to design, build, test and support a computer system that meets and exceed their specific requirements. Our experience in the use of AutoCAD, Solid Works, thermal modeling, and rapid prototyping using fused deposition 3D printers can assists with:

  • System Design
  • System Integration
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Configuration Management
  • End Of Life Management

Prototype Development

Our prototype development meet customer’s exact needs – and frequently what our customers perceive as ideal solutions present new challenges once they begin evaluating prototype equipment.

We can test prototypes against all manner of thermal, shock, and moisture tests so customers can focus on the suitability of the design for their particular projects.

Once signed-off, customers know that the resultant production units will incorporate any nuances identified during evaluation and that these systems will function as required in the much larger solutions of which they are generally a part.

Systems Integration

Amity System Integration services can integrate a variety of COTS devices and components into a computing solution. We can:

  • Design and layout an entire system.
  • Integrate a variety of your products, or those from third parties, including breakout panels, switches, power units, displays, keyboards, cabling, and shelves. etc.
  • Assemble; wire, test and custom package your equipment for shipment.
  • Install, configure and test third party software.
  • Configuration Management of hardware and software, including serial number and revision tracking.

Configuration and EOL Management

Amity offers configuration management consulting and support. Our robust Configuration Management process is inherent in all procedures and business systems utilized to design, build and support our customers’ solutions. This methodology allows us to maintain tight revision control throughout the product life cycle. From firmware on a PCI card to the serial number of a specific COTS component, Amity has the ability to differentiate, identify and track those discrete elements that matter most.

We maintain specifications on every unique solution we design: Source Control Documents (SCDs), drawings, and the Bill of Materials (BOM) are all controlled and managed using a state-of-the-art EPDM System. This tightly-integrated system allows us to manage the sourcing and production of every product we build, and maintain a history of every serial number we have produced.

End-Of-Life Management

Amity provides on-going support in keeping our customers up-to-date with the latest technology available. We specialize in helping customers extend the lifecycles of Amity products and identifying componentry and designs that will help extend products’ usefulness far beyond their typical obsolescence dates.

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