Ruggged Ethernet Switches

Amity Rugged Ethernet switches are housed in rugged, lightweight, and compact enclosures, such as transit cases or 19-inch racks with strain-hardened aircraft aluminum, designed to survive extreme environments, extreme temperatures, and high shock and vibration. Amity rugged networking devices are encased in all-aluminum chassis constructed with strain-hardened structural aircraft aluminum. Shock and vibration survivability is enhanced through multiple attachment points on circuit boards to stabilize the printed wiring board (PWB), all fasteners and connectors retained with locking mechanisms, and all cables dressed and secured to prevent chafing. Amity ruggedized switches, firewalls, and routers work in extended operating temperature ranges (-10°C to +55°C) offer basic routing protocols and advanced routing protocols support IPv6 routing; and are compatible with industry-standard command line technology.

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